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Mondays 5:30-6:45

 Wednesdays 4:45-5:45

Tuesday 6:00-7:15 In this class we challenge our young dancers to dance with grace and style. These young ladies learn many hula's and tahitian oteas/apirimas while learning about the island cultures. All dancers have the opportunity to dance in shows. Registration is $15.00

This is a more challenging class for those not ready for competition but are ready for more of a challenge, that the keiki class does not offer. These students are ready for more choreography and start learning  more advanced HULA and Tahitian  footwork. Opportunity to perform available. $40.00 Registration $15.00.

Come get your groove on and shake those coconuts! We love to have fun and get a good workout in this class.  We do both Hula and Tahitian. Option to perform available.
$15.00 registration fee.  ($40 a month)

call for availability 808-542-8349
call for availability 808-542-8349
call for availability 808-542-8349

Tuesdays 6:00

Have fun while learning about the islands of Hawaii and Tahiti. Choose from either Tuesdays at 5:15 or Wednesdays at 4:45. Classes are $35.00 or $40.00 a month. There is a $15.00 registration fee. 

BOYS CLASS NOW AVAILABLE! Learn to FIRE KNIFE DANCE and Learn a HAKA.  Mondays 4:30-5:15

CALL US for availability 808-542-8349
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